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Rivas Initiative


The city of Rivas is situated in the South West of Nicaragua, roughly 110 kilometers from the country's capital Managua. Rivas is also a well-known border-town between Nicaragua and neighboring Costa Rica. Due to high incidence of poverty in Nicaragua and it's geographic location, the district of Rivas is particularly affected by malnutrition.

After Hillier Ignite’s amazingly successful 1st Annual White Hot Havana Night Fundraiser in summer 2015, we launched 33 Local Church Initiatives (LCIs) in the southwestern coastal region of Rivas. Today there are 42 LCIs and we’ve expanded holistic services in three of these locations!

Watch below as Luke and team members visit LCI's on the ground in Rivas just one month after the fundraiser, visiting the dirt-floor churches the fundraiser supported and meeting the children that were already eating the nourishing meals the party provided.

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