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HILLIER ignite

promoting democracy and freedom by creating opportunity
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Hillier Ignite is the organization founded by Luke Hillier to promote democracy and freedom by creating opportunity. Ignite’s work is currently focused on three groups of people who deserve and need our help today: entrepreneurs, youth, and our military, both active duty military and veterans. These groups are pivotal to our future success as a society. Entrepreneurs are the engines of jobs and innovation. Our youth are the source of our future energy and vitality.Our military personnel protect our freedoms, and are among the most qualified in our society to make a difference after they transition from active duty.


Through programs that encourage, educate, and nurture these groups, Ignite helps to create economic opportunities through the development of successful new businesses, good jobs, and a qualified workforce that contribute to a strong democracy. Ignite also serves to tell their stories, provide inspiration, and motivate others to lend a hand.

Luke Hillier Stephanie Hillier
Hillier Ignite-Fitness Park-2
Stephanie Ballard-Hillier Ignite 1
Hillier Ignite- Warrior 3
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Hillier Ignite-Nicaragua-Nahomy
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