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Hillier Ignite Nicaragua Summer 2017: Day 2

Day two was packed full of activities. We began our day at the computer center at Hogar de Fe. Team member Allen Fabijan shared with students about his profession as a radio host explaining technological advances and the importance of advertising. After that the Hillier Ignite team split in two, half stayed at the computer center and assisted students in creating a business plan and then listened as hey presented in English! The other half of the team got on the bus for a short ride to Nueva Vida, a former refugees camp set up after Hurricane Mitch. We traveled to a local clinic, dentistry and school along with the nearby trash dump. Learning more about the community and the sights seen were impactful for all members of our team.

The entire team then met up and headed to a local church initiative (LCI) to participate in a feeding for local children. We met up with another Virginia Beach team from Spring Branch Community Church (SBCC). We hopped on the bus and traveled back to Hogar De Fe for a Pizza Hut lunch with SBCC and the children at Hogar.

After that half of our team took the older kids at Hogar on a World of Work field trip to the Brandt Hotel. The group toured the hotel and learned about the different opportunities in the hotel business. The students were engaged practicing their English by asking questions. Meanwhile, the other half of our team along with SBCC students played at the orphanage and taught English classes. An epic battle of tug of war ended in two wins for the girls!

We finished our the afternoon with a water flight, complete with 1000 water balloons and a brigade of water guns. SBCC students stayed and joined us for a cookout of hamburgers and hotdogs. Everyone enjoyed popsicles as we said our goodbyes.

We are tired but EXCITED for day three. Stay tuned for the fun to come!!!

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